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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we have been covering the homeless crisis but no one is taking action on a permanent solution a permanent solution. shannon spok e to a commissioner today and shannon, you asked if they are willing to start making arrests for trespassing. >> reporter: city and county leaders have decided they do want to meet about this issue but again just talked about action but no date has been set. more people have gathered in front of the administration building, more people are here, there is more tension and now people are worried that this is just a ticking time bomb. this was the first time we've seen daytona beach police checking on the homeless camped outside of the county of ministration building - - building. so far there are no major issues on this stretch of sidewalk where the homeless are now calling home. the business owners down the street say it is just a matter of time. >> do you think it is a safety concern?
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>> reporter: todd operates a business just down the street. he's so disgusted that he put up a sign, calling these people commissioner wagner's party. >> it has grown and grown and what are we going to do? >> the outspoken police chief is staying out of the fight entirely. he was saying he will not touch the issue with a tenfold - - 10- foot pole, leaving the politicians holding the car. >> is the absurdity lost on you on how absurd this is to the public? >> this is sad and ridiculous. >> more time goes by without a solution and the longer it goes, the more people that show up and this is what the property appraisal - - appraisers were worried about. he shut his office down but isn't as owners are saying what
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you can close your doors and your eyes to the problem but we do not have that luxury. - - but business owners are saying what about us? and another issue could come up as the site here where they are camped out is county property and the sidewalk here is city property. it may be time for another discussion about who will do that if and when it happens. again, another discussion about something that has nothing to do with the real issue here. we are now following breaking news in orange county where investigators are following a wrong way crash. and we are flying over the scene right n ow, that pickup truck caused the trash - - crash and an elderly man was driving in the wrong direction for 8 miles.
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there is no word on the condition of those in the other vehicle. we are invested getting a health center accused of hiring a nurse did not have a license. the 54-year-old suspect worked for true health the sanford airport for over a year without being caught. tim barber went to the health center to ask how this happened. >> reporter: according to the arrest report, she walks through those doors in october of 2014 and this week she walked out in handcuffs. she has been working as a net - - licensed practical nurse over 15 months but investigators say she does not even have a license. today we went to the clinic looking for answers. >> we want to know how that happened. the arrest report shows that the doctor brought her through from his us but the report does not mention the first name and
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website. this month true health human resources went through her final and noticed her license was missing. they tried to pull up her license on the state website and could not find and martinez said she actually had the lessons in new jersey but they could not find that either. martinez was suspended and they found inaccuracies with her application including colleges she did not attend and she worked as an emergency room nurse when she was really just a technician. she was arrested for practicing without a license and got out on a $3000 bond. no one answered at the address listed in the report or for her phone number. >> can you tell us how she got this job in the first place? >> city health is not commenting due to the ongoing investigation. if martinez causes back and was to share her side of the story, we will let you know. true health also said they
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and we are continuing to cooperate fully. they say we remain committed to providing healthcare serve - - services to those in need. new this hour, a 3-year-old boy with a couple on the run was just entered into a national alert system. he has been listed as endangered and missing since he went missing with his mother. a prisoner walked away from his prison release job on thursday. the grandmother is asking the community for help. so we don't let people know about it and they will be free to go where they want. i want my grandbaby home. >> reporter: they have been writing each other since he has been in prison over the last few years and they have known each other since the school. >> crime scene investigators are still in a neighborhood where a domestic disturbance
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pair of deputies. as they walked into a backyard to break up a couples fight, they were attacked by a man with a baton. and melanie found out the woman they were there to help was accused of turning on these as well period >> the couple arrested here today have not lived in this neighborhood for very long and tonight they will both be in county jail. it was a call for a domestic disturbance that brought a male and female deputy to pineapple avenue. >> a girl a girl is being hit and screaming. >> reporter: they could hear the problem and they made their way to the yard. as they tried to secure the male suspect, the sheriff says he about a baton and began assaulting the deputies and the woman the deputy's were trying to help instead assisted the suspect. >> if you don't put your hands
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i can tell you with certainty all we care about when we are trying to restore order is to make sure that everybody is safe. >> they had teams at the hospital with injured deputies today and they are currently still at the medical center. >> we do expect the names to be released later this evening. late this afternoon we questioned the chief of police and he explained the factors working against his officers. >> reporter: a month after this sign was put up in richmond height's to help solve the murder of isaiah hammond, no one has been arrested. >> it was not okay. being so close to me and stuff, it is not okay.
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into the she - - daisy fisher. police don't know who killed her grandson, adam williams. >> why do you keep letting these people go to target my family? >> reporter: out of 32 homicides got orlando made arrests but left 14 cases unsold - - unsolved. last year we had a lot more homicides. >> reporter: the chief told us in addition to the number of homicides nearly doubling, eight of them took place in december and detectives have not had much time to work them. one of the biggest challenges is getting witnesses to cooperate, for example, when a man was shot and killed. no one called 911 until hours later. >> the victim was a suspect in
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>> reporter: the chief told us most of the unsolved murders have had a lack of cooperation and physical evidence and even with those challenges, none of the cases they say have gone cold. >> we got a lot of people working these unsolved cases. >> orlando police are hoping fewer guns in the streets will also mean less crime. last year police officers say they took him a 600 guns a 600 guns off of the street and they see that number is up by 10% in 2014. >> there is now a $5000 reward for information in a murder in orange county. cornelius anderson was shot last tuesday - - they heard the gunshots and saw a man run out and get in his car. an 80-year-old man may need months to recover after the transit bus he was boarding was
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he has a broken hip, finger, and leading in the brain. the victim was thrown from his wheelchair in the back of the bus when this man jumped in the front seat and took off period the driver was trying to secure happened. the crime happened in front of their home near altamonte springs. >> when i saw my father i just jumped out of the truck while it was still going. i saw his wheelchair sitting in the middle of the ground. >> he eventually stopped the bus bought - - blocks away. that suspect remains behind bars. the search for a consultant has started for a fire department and era was ems operation. they will also decide if those services should team up to cut response times. us officials have narrowed down the list and will make a
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we are investigating the ongoing issues with trash collection piling up in orange county. >> reporter: what happened when we tried to confront the
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we have confronted representatives with garbage companies that are still working out problems with trash collection in orange county. for 26 days we have been covering the delays and missed collection dates. janine is at the county commissioners building today. janine, you try to ask them directly what they are doing to fix the problem. >> reporter: representatives were at the meeting today.
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contracts with the county. we wanted to know why this service is not running so smoothly. >> at what point are we going to see a change? >> reporter: scott boyd asked to talk trash today, to answer question many have been asking. when will trust service return? three different callers are handling five zones and we've seen all of this trash and delayed pickups. they all had representatives at the meeting but did not speak even when confronted with a big concern. they were told not to combine trash and recycling. part of the purpose of the change was to increase recycling . and more troubling for some
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trash haulers after the meeting. but they could not get away fast enough, none of them stopped to talk and we asked the county to put us in touch with them. >> they are concerned about giving out a piece of information that does not tell the story of the entire system, but if you want to talk to them, we will get you the phone numbers. >> reporter: we are still waiting for those phone numbers. i have not heard back from waste pro. i've also reached out to their public relations representative. i'm still waiting for the county to give me a contact for advanced disposal. we will let you know when we hear from any of them. >> we pressed the manager and other county leaders about this trash trouble and you can see the full interviews on our website.
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championed by a group of orange county mothers that would require recess for elementary's - - school students. today a subcommittee approved the measure which would allow 20 minutes of free play per day for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. parents school divorce many schools illuminated reef - - recess because it was not a requirement. >> when there is no state mandate, it means some kids have recess and others do not. >> reporter: some lawmakers are concerned that it would force some schools to extend their day which could caught - - cost money. tomorrow there is an event looking to put sexual assault violence to an end. the event will happen tomorrow
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covering news where you live county by county, the police have not identified a man got on camera using stolen garage door openers to break into homes. we showed you the video of the fee if breaking into cars and homes and it is the same video being used to track him down but at this point they are not yet calling him a suspect period they are not saying if these images will lead to any arrests. in orange county, commissioners are discussing how tiny homes could reduce housing costs. one proposal would build up to 10 tiny homes in this area. and the school board just decided not to sell a couple acres of land to a dentist. we told you the school board
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property where daphne elementary once stood. the school board decided not to go ahead with the sale period >> the university . >> the university of florida and central florida were presented nearly $9 million in federal grants this afternoon from the department of agriculture. and research say - - researchers say that money will help to fight a citrus greening disease. in florida the citrus club is - - crop is a 11 billion dollar per year industry period . the trees are dying out and researchers need to find a way to protect them. >> if we are going to have citrus, we've got to find a cure because time is running out. >> researchers have developed ways to rehabilitate trees using lasers and soil but they hope to use the new funds to protect the trees until they can find a permanent solution to the problem.
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weather and i hope everyone got to enjoy it as things are changing. >> this has been very unusual with said - - these heavy storms and severe weather and tomorrow we will be more on the heavy rain side of things. it's a nice evening at 70 degrees but the headlines show a lot of wet weather. we will have a lot of rain on the radar and more coming after that. heavy rain, thunderstorms, possibly thunderstorms and we will be watching the nature of these storms as they come a little closer to us tomorrow. we still have a heavy rain threat as opposed to a tornado threat. here is tomorrow with a lot of clouds and rain all the way through the day. temperatures are getting into the upper 60s and lower 70s scott but you see our forecast model actually puts realistic
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of it in the area. here is our storm system now, but across the northern gulf of mexico, that will swing moisture and energy our way. that front will store - - installed north of orlando period . this moisture will be a one to two punch to get things going. not much rain this evening. tomorrow, 4:00 in the morning through daybreak, that is when rain will develop and move in with heavier downpours as this front approaches from gainesville period . the closer we get into the afternoon and evening, heavy rainfall and some convective rain which means we will get under storms coming up with heavy rainfall and we get into thunderstorms that will lead to locally heavy rainfall. it will be a wet time through tomorrow night even into parts of thursday and our own forecast model shows five different models that range up to 3 inches and up to 6 inches, so all of them are showing
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model issuing heavier downpours through 8:00 tomorrow, up to 3 inches of rain. if you add in tomorrow and thursday we could see up to 4 inches of rainfall. be prepared for that. download our weather app which we are always updating. you can also upload pictures right to your mobile device and get it to us here in the station. with the weekend in view, temperatures will again be going down some by late this weekend and temperatures will be in the low 70s tomorrow, with rain likely tomorrow and thursday but a fantastic weekend on friday and sunday is even
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in orlando city superstar, kevin mulino is back on the field after a stating knee injury. mulino is the only player on the roster who was with the franchise when it came to orlando in 2007. he started seven games for the
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acl in an exhibition game and spent the rest of 2014 trying to get back on the field and if you wonder how much they missed him, here is a nice endorsement from his head coach >> i believe we would have made the playoffs if we had him. but he has worked so hard and he has made it b ack. >> the magic is coming off back- to-back gut wrenching losses. they have brought together pride for milwaukee tonight. they found a way to lose in overtime. tipoff tonight is set for 8:00. in high school, south sumter's has retired their coach ending a 32 year run and the assistant coach was hired to replace sherman. they have conference games
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we are staying on top of breaking news in orange county where a wrong way driver cause a crash and we are working to talk to that elderly driver who was dry and was driving the wrong way for 10 miles.
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